Leather, Yorkshire, and working with the love of your life - this is HÔRD by Carley Batley

Who are you and what do you do?
Hi there! We're Gemma and Jason from HÔRD. We design and make bespoke leather goods in our small studio in Marsden, Yorkshire. We started out repurposing old leather goods and remnants, giving them a new lease of life on hip flasks. Not only do these pieces carry a little bit of history with them, they can be engraved with all sorts of imagery and script. We love to illustrate and often work on commissions to bring peoples' ideas to life - kind of like a tattooist in the leather world!

Where did you learn your leathercraft?
Gemma - Most of my leathercraft experience is self-taught and I learnt through a lot of experimentation and research. My background and degree were in fashion design and so I had hands-on experience with textiles and the way materials work, including shaping leather and manipulating it. I fell heavily out of love with fashion and threw myself into illustration. Leatherwork was my foray back into the industry and using a new material really helped that transition. HÔRD has really combined my desire for illustration and making things with my hands.

You draw inspiration from the bleak Yorkshire moors. Where else do you find inspiration for your work?
The outdoors really is a gateway to all we hold dear and thrive on - from long hikes and camping to scientific illustration plates of nature's phenomena and old maps. We are big lovers of history and folklore, so the utilitarian and well-made designs of vintage hiking gear and the branding of apothecary bottles and book covers does get blended into a lot of our work.

What are the best things about being business and life partners?
Jason - Gemma started the business several years ago and I came on board in Autumn 2015. Before this point, I worked as a full-time bar manager and spent a lot of my spare time writing music. I predominantly worked full day shifts and late evenings, so the times when we would see each other could be few and far between or littered with rants about work! Since I took the plunge to become self-employed, Gemma and I have more quality time for sure! We allow ourselves downtime and enjoy being more fluid with the way we plan the week or day. We're totally spontaneous sometimes and love finishing a bit early to disappear on a hike over the local moors. As well as my business partner and life partner, Gemma is my best friend. We tend to spend our days cracking jokes, singing at each other and generally being silly - we have a lot of fun!

Which stall are you most excited about seeing at our summer fair?
We are lucky to be attending both days of the summer fair, so we will have loads to explore across the Saturday and Sunday makers. On Saturday we are looking forward to some stationary delights from Ding, Ding and Kate Broughton. We are massive music fans, so we also can't wait to check out Melodies on Sunday. To be totally honest with you, the line-up is amazing and I'm sure we will be going home with an armful of prints and goodies!

HÔRD will be at Northern Craft Summer Fair on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th August 2017 at Northern Monk Brew Co.