Interview with Laura Slater / by Northern Craft

Another interview, this time with local textile designer Laura Slater.

Who are you and what do you do? 
"My name is Laura Slater, I am a textile and surface pattern designer that make hand screen printed products, mainly for the home."

Your work is captivating, what's your process for developing a new surface pattern?
"All my work starts off with a concept or theme that either inspires imagery or process. Process is integral to my work, drawing/ collage and painting is at the heart of what I do. I then work to translate original artwork into pattern or placement print with the product in mind, this usually happens through development directly on cloth through screen print. I love playing with scale and colour and texture. I want my print to be as unique and directional as it can be. Perhaps for it to bring a bit of art into the home."

Your colour palette is so varied, what's your favourite colour collection to work with right now? 
"It's impossible to pick a favourite or current palette as all colour is so amazing and rich. I am enjoying a lot of greens/ darker greens couple with dusty pinks or brighter mauve/ purples. I tend to find its pairings or small groups of colour that gets me excited!"

When you're not making, what do you like to do? 
"When I'm not working- which feel like never! Haha! I love to go out, usually to gigs or dancing, my partner is in a band so there is always a lot of socialness involved in that. I love travelling and am planning an American road trip for the summer at the moment. I also just love drawing for the sake of drawing rather than to design."

Which stall at Northern Craft are you most looking forward to seeing?
"Oh it's hard to pick, my friends at geo-fleurCoffyn, and I love Drew Millward's stuff too!"