Interview with Livi Gosling / by Northern Craft

It's also great to chat with returning Northern Craft Fair maker, Livi Gosling Illustration in which Livi gives some great advice on making your stall look amazing!

Who are you and what do you do? 
"I’m Livi, a 26 year old illustrator from Hertfordshire. I studied Illustration in Falmouth, Cornwall and graduated in 2012. I loved living in Cornwall and made some amazing friends there. It’s also where I met my boyfriend and Northern Craft stall buddy, Josh Hurley. Although we were just friends throughout Uni, I always thought he had award-worthy hair and an endearing love for homemade pizza."

Your stall always looks amazing, how do you create a stall that's enticing for customers? 
"Thanks! It helps having a stall partner who has a different style as we had to find a way for our prints to work together. We tried to make our stall vaguely symmetrical. Having a banner each at the front helped customers distinguish us from one another. We wanted to make sure that our stall had lots of height so it looked visually interesting from afar. I find it’s also important to be able to see over the top when standing, but also to be able to hide when you sit down to cram snacks into your face." 

You're living the freelance dream, what advice would you give to makers and illustrators looking to quit their day job? 
"I had a part time job from graduating in 2012 until Autumn 2015. Although this may not be for everyone I felt that I couldn’t have got to where I am today without another source of income whilst I was starting out. My graduate portfolio is completely different to my work today. I feel like I needed longer for my style to evolve before I was able to get regular work from it. Having a part time job meant I could also afford to see Uni friends and maintain some sort of social life. Going from a full and vibrant University studio with all your friends to working by yourself in the corner of your bedroom can be tough. 

I knew I was ready to quit my part time job when I felt too busy to be doing it. Commissions were pretty regular by then and it forced me to realise that by spending time at my part time job I was limiting time and energy needed for freelancing."

What's been your favourite commission to work on?
"I’m working on a food illustration project at the moment and I’m loving it. I have quite a lot of creative freedom and I've got the chance to try some food-styling. I've been given some heartwarming family recipes and I have to illustrate them in a way that best reflects their nostalgia. I work on a lot of illustrated maps and consider these my bread and butter jobs as they’re the main source of my income. It really feels like a treat when I get to work on something a little different."

Which stall at Northern Craft are you most looking forward to seeing? 
"They all look great! I’m looking forward to seeing Coffyn furniture as I’m currently obsessed with finding stylish storage solutions for our little flat. Their work looks absolutely gorgeous."