We would like to accept everybody who applies for one of our Northern Craft Fairs but it's just not possible. At the current rate, 1 in 6 applications are accepted to our fairs. Here are some tips and best practices when applying for our fairs:

1.Northern Craft is a curated fair, therefore we need to see examples of your work. We’ll check out any and all web links you put on your application form so be sure to link us to a store full of products and/or a social media account full of snaps of your work. We’re looking for the highest quality work, so the more we can see of what you do, the better. Sending direct links to your work is always the best way.

2. If you've sold at other craft fairs, show us your stall. We love a preview of what you can bring to Northern Craft. Check out our tips for having a great looking stall here.

3. We’re always looking for something new and interesting. If you’re not sure whether your craft would be suitable but you want to take part, get in touch and apply! If you have a creative idea but you’re not sure how it’d work, get in touch and apply! We really like to champion new makers at Northern Craft and are putting an emphasis on supporting the crafting community. Many makers, including Searlait McCrea and Coffyn Furniture, had their first stall with us.

4. If you're new or you don't have a lot of work to show, apply for half a table. Half tables are great for us as we are extremely limited by space so it gives us the opportunity to show off more amazing makers.

5. We get loads of applications from printers and we usually only accept 8 - 10 of those. At our previous fairs, printers have applied and sold their work as a collective (UKPA in October 2016, The Print Social in April 2017). Join up with some other print pals and put in one application to show and sell your work at one stall and you’ll massively your chances of getting a space.

The Print Social    is a collective from Liverpool, bringing together the work of 6 studios.

The Print Social is a collective from Liverpool, bringing together the work of 6 studios.

6. KEEP APPLYING! We’ll probably never have a fair big enough for everyone we’d like to have involved. If we have to turn you down one time, it’s probably more about space than your work, so please keep applying. We also are big on variety at our fairs and it's great for us to change the line-up as much as possible from each fair to the next. 

7. This one is a little pedantic so we apologise but when you apply, please spell your email address and/or website correctly. Pretty much everything else can be spelled incorrectly but it's difficult for us to see your work or get in touch with you if we don't have the correct details for you.

8. Follow us. Whether it be on Facebook, Instagram or through our mailing list. It's good to know when our applications open and close. Every time we close applications we get emails from makers asking to take part. It's fine and we appreciate the effort in getting in touch, but we have to be fair to the people who applied on time.


9. Visit our next fair. I think the best way to get inspiration or tips on how to get into the next Northern Craft Fair is to actually come and see what we and our makers do.

10. If you live locally, come to our monthly Social at Northern Monk Brewery. It's good to get to know other makers, and while we don't always talk about crafts for the entire time, our Social is the perfect place to ask questions about the fair and just engage in some general chit chat.