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Northern Craft is an independent craft collective founded by Carley Batley and Sean Mort in April 2016 to showcase and support the craft scene in Leeds, the North and beyond. 

We started Northern Craft with a dream of creating a community in which makers can grow and thrive. A simple dream of helping creative people quit their day jobs and make their parents proud. 

We hosted our first fair in October 2016, with 33 makers and a whole lot of hard work we pulled in a huge crowd of over 1,000 visitors.

In May 2017 we hosted our first Social as part of our mission to bring makers out of their spare rooms and to create a strong community of creative people.

We have ambitious ideas and sensible plans for Northern Craft, including bigger fairs, workshops, and exhibitions. 

If you have a project you'd like to collaborate on, get in touch here.




“Carley Batley is the most organised person I have ever met. She also is incredibly passionate, enthusiastic and has been patient beyond belief. These are all ideal qualities when for looking for a partner to create an event with.

Carley has offered to take my dog off my hands 497 times since January 2016 and she also owes me some Five Guys fries but these are all things I can look past.

Without Carley I successfully managed to not organise my own craft fair for the last two years. Since she came onboard, Northern Craft has gone from being a bunch of disconnected noises in my head to a fully formed plan of attack in an incredibly short space of time. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional career, and this is only the beginning."  -  Sean Mort

Carley is currently living out a midlife crisis/adventure in the Midwest. She lives with her impossibly handsome husband Joe and her dog Edison in St. Paul, Minnesota. You can follow her travels and travails on Instagram @carley.batley


“Sean Mort is the most successful artist I know. With minimal charm and talent, Sean has somehow hoaxed the world into buying his art and funding his ostentatious lifestyle. His talent and enthusiasm for good crafts are what made me so keen to work with him when he asked if I was interested in this project. Sean's been making and collecting art for more than a decade. He travels the world selling his wares and meeting like-minded people, as well as contributing his disagreeable Lancashire tones to the Adventures in Design podcast on a weekly basis. It's this complete commitment to his work that inspired Sean to start his own craft fair.

For the last two years, Sean had very successfully not run a craft fair and very kindly credits me with the frenzy of activity he's thrown at making this happen. Sean's dedication to this project borders on intimidating, but it's because of this that I'm so excited about Northern Craft. Here's to the next two years.”  -  Carley Batley

Sean is working way harder on Northern Craft than he ever expected to, it's a curse and a blessing to have two dream jobs. He lives in Pudsey with his partner-in-crime Ruth, his baby Henry & disaster of a dog Chip. He has an actual website where he sells prints but if you want to see pictures of prints, babies & dogs then it's best to follow him on Instagram @seanmort